The Best Short Haircuts for Women Over 60 — Classic, Elegant, and Confident

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We might be aging, but that doesn’t mean our hairstyles have to. Though I certainly wouldn’t wear the long looks I did in my twenties — because I don’t have the patience or the actual hair for it… darn thinning! — I refuse to settle for an “old lady” do. Thankfully, short hairstyles are becoming more trendy every day, and there’s no better way to keep your look graceful and stylish than with a classy chop.
From the shag to the short bob hairstyle to the pixie haircut, here are some of the best short haircuts for women over 60.

Should I cut my hair short?

Committing to a major chop will come with a lot of doubts. Will a short hairstyle look good on me? What if I don’t like it? Will it be easy to fix? To start, let’s put the “will it look good on me” question to rest. Every woman can rock a shortcut, no matter her hair type, facial features, face shape, or personal style. It’s all about finding the cut that makes you feel confident.

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Maybe you have curly hair, and you’re afraid of the dreaded triangle hair. Or perhaps you have fine, thin hair, and you’re worried that cutting off your locks will make you look sparse up top. Trust me — there are short hairstyles out there for you, and it will likely be a lot more low-maintenance than your current style.

That said, if you’re not open to my tips, you can always ask your hairdresser. They’ll be able to study your face shape, hair texture, and hair type and let you know exactly what short hairstyle will make you shine.

The Undercut

Liza Minnelli in 2013 with a black undercut, short haircut for women over 60

Among the most tried-and-true haircuts for us “older women” is the universally flattering undercut. If you have straight or fine hair, consider a classic undercut with spiky bangs or subtle layering to add dimension. I especially love this look on women with grey hair or white hair. It’s dignified, but with a kind of rocker vibe.

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One caveat, though, is that an undercut takes away a lot of volume and weight — so if you have thin hair, make sure your hairstylist makes subtle cuts (versus going full-on buzzcut as they might for women with curly hair or thick hair).

And speaking of curly and thick hair, the undercut is ideal for ringlet-gifted gals who want to try an edgier look — think Jada Pinkett-Smith circa 2010. The natural volume of your curls will counterbalance the short sides, and you can experiment with length, depending on how rocker-chic you want to get. Keep the undercut subtle for casual elegance, or buzzcut the sides for a fresher look. Either way, there’s an undercut for you!

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The Stacked Bob Haircut

Emma Thompson with a stacked bob haircut

Also known as a layered bob, the stacked bob cut utilizes a gradient in hair length — longer in the front, shorter in the back — but this classic cut plays it a little safer, staying firmly in bob territory. The stacked layers in the back give this look automatic volume and dimension, so it works well for women with a lot of different hair types: picture it sleek and sophisticated with straight hair or beachy and carefree on wavy hair.

On a 60-year-old woman with naturally curly hair, though, (that’s me!) the stacked shape can get a bit lost, especially if the length is super short. If you’re rocking ringlets, keep your bob on the longer side. To capture the dimension that makes this hairstyle so flattering, the longer front pieces should hover above your shoulders.

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I’m especially partial to this cut with bangs. Its face-framing youthfulness balances the elegance of the short chop length, so it feels fun without too much maintenance required.

A guaranteed crowd-pleaser, the stacked bob is a favorite in the “short haircuts for women over 60” category for a reason.

A Short Pixie Cut

Glenn Close with a white pixie short haircut for women over 60

Few hairdos are as timeless as a short pixie hairstyle. Picture Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby or Edie Sedgwick in Factory Girl — there’s just something so classically appealing about the super shortcut.

The short pixie is uniquely flattering on women with angular or fine facial features because of the feminine contrast it creates. It’s also perfect for older women dealing with thinning hair — and aren’t we all? If you’re over 60, you know the struggle is real, as the kids say. But with a short pixie haircut, there’s no heavy length to weigh your locks down and add to the existing issue of thinning. The close crop of this shortcut actually creates volume where it once was lacking.

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Plus, transitioning into silver or gray hair is so much easier when you don’t have to worry about super-long tresses. You might start with a blonde pixie and go gray, or maybe you want to just jump right into your natural shade — after all, there’s nothing more striking than a bright white pixie. These days, short hair is youthful, and the short pixie cut is among the best of them. Whether your natural hair is pin-straight or in tight ringlets, chop your locks into a short pixie, and prepare for the compliments to pour in.

The Piece-y Haircut

Rita Moreno with a piece-y short haircut

If you aren’t sure what a “piece-y haircut” is, you aren’t alone. (I had to Google it.) It turns out, that the piece-y look is a go-to hairstyle for a lot of us older gals because it’s very low-maintenance. To get this look, ask your hairdresser for a pixie that brushes your jawline, preferably with wispy bangs and spiky layers. The “piece-y” part of this cut comes from those layers, which create natural movement and dimension.

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While this hair idea is flattering for every hair color, it’s especially cool with a subtle blonde balayage. The highlights amplify its dimension, and the balayage makes the blonde hair look natural even when your roots grow in — no need for constant maintenance.

Thanks to the volume created by those layers and balayage, this hairstyle is best suited for fine or straight hair. (With the piece-y hairstyle, you don’t need wavy hair or ringlets for volume.) For a flattering face-framing look, ask your hairdresser for long, side-swept bangs. They’ll match the length of those spiky layers and perfectly frame your features.

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The Blunt Bob

Holland Taylor with a blonde blunt bob

If you need proof that the blunt bob is the perfect short hairstyle for older women, look no further than fashion icon Anna Wintour. The Vogue editor-in-chief has been sporting a chin-length blunt bob for decades, and we still aren’t sick of it.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with length on this hairstyle — if you have a rounder face shape, you might want to go longer with a shoulder-skimming chop. If you have finer features, try a bob that grazes your jawline. Thanks to the fact that your tresses are all in one layer, this cut is especially low-maintenance. You can chop it, let it grow out to a medium length, then chop it again, all without losing the classic bob shape.

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Better still, the blunt bob looks good on any hair type, though I find it especially flattering on women with naturally wavy hair. The contrast between the blunt cut and the hair’s natural volume creates a youthful beachy look that I covet.

The Lob

Allison Janney with a lob short haircut

If you like the blunt look of a straight bob but aren’t quite ready to give up your long tresses, this haircut is for you. The lob — short for “long bob” — is a perfect in-between haircut for those of us transitioning to a shorter, more mature look. It blends the low-maintenance appeal of a short hairstyle with the sassy, flirty look of long locks.

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The lob works well on women with straight or wavy hair — sorry curly ladies, but keeping your ringlets at one long length will weigh them down rather than emphasize their volume. Also, while short hairstyles tend to under balance those of us with round faces, the lob’s length provides contrast with wider facial features for a more symmetrical and pleasing balance.

Why You Need to Rock What You’ve Got

As we age, our hair tends to thin out, making it hard to maintain super long hair. Luckily, there’s no shortage of flattering, short haircuts for women over 60. Instead of dreading your next hair appointment, bring one of these hairstyles to your hairdresser, and get ready to feel fabulous!

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