Top 20 Popular Blazers for Women 2024

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Below I’m going to introduce top list of blazers for women 2024 and how to wear them. This casual suit jacket is a necessity nowadays woman wardrobe. The evolution of this jacket made it being in variety of types. You can wear the blazer in office, for party, in your every day life routine, in one word you can wear it for any occasion.

Top 20 Popular Blazers for Women 2021 (Photos +Videos)

If you don’t have a blazer on your wardrobe yet, I suggest you getting one from my list of blazers for women 2024.

The hottest color trend for women’s blazers 2024 is a classic blue color coming along with all of it shades. Spring/Summer colors for the ladies blazers 2024 are:

  • Aqua
  • Lemon
  • Quiet Wave
  • Good Gray
  • Oxy Fire
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The other colors are:

  • Vermilion Red
  • Mauve
  • Medium Gray
  • Blush
  • Tobacco Brown

Gathered Cuffs Women’s Blazers 2024

You can wear this blazer for work with classic pants, or over your jeans for more casual style. If you are looking for gathered blazer for some office ceremony, take the blazer & pants set to create your perfect image.

Top 20 Popular Blazers for Women 2021 (Photos +Videos)

Blazer Set among Blazers for Women 2024

You can find many types of blazers that come with set for any occasion. Make sure choose the right top that will suit the set and will be appropriate for that occasion.

Top 20 Popular Blazers for Women 2021 (Photos +Videos)

Leather Blazer Trend in 2024

Leather blazers are the best outfits during Fall. Check these cool outfits:

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Top 20 Popular Blazers for Women 2021 (Photos +Videos)

  • Classic – Suits with classic pants or long skirts almost every type, and a round-neck shirt. As for the color, take the black one.
  • Oversized – Vintage look lover? Then take the oversized leather blazer.
  • Peplum – Top – This blared-style jacket will look nice with girlfriend jeans.
  • Fringe – This super stylish jacket is the hottest trend among ladies. This definitely worth to be included in my ladies blazers 2024 list. You can try this with boyfriend jeans or skirt.
  • Bright Colors – Colored with 2024 color trends, wearing this blazer will make you look super stylish.
  • White Color Blazer – A white is a neutral color that allows you to keep this jacket for every season. This will look great with the pants of any color.
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Oversized Blazers in Women’s Blazers 2024 Outfit

If you are a fan of oversize clothes, there are a wide range of roomy blazers from women’s blazers 2024 fashion. I’m sure you can find the one that suits you the best meanwhile be in trend. These blazers will perfectly go with fancy bra tops.

Top 20 Popular Blazers for Women 2021 (Photos +Videos)

Buttercup Blazer in Trend of Ladies Blazers 2024

Looking for an urban outfit? Blazers for women 2024 year suggest the buttercup blazers for the look. These perfectly go with boyfriend jeans, jeans shorts, lather shorts, open-neck top or V-shaped top.

Top 20 Popular Blazers for Women 2021 (Photos +Videos)

Open-Front Blazer the Most Demanded Blazers for Women 2024

These are the type of blazers that are without zipper or buttons. This trend is very comfortable for women with large bust sizes. You can wear it with boyfriend jeans, fabric pants, skirt and thin sweaters.

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Top 20 Popular Blazers for Women 2021 (Photos +Videos)

Double-Breasted Blazer in Fashion 2024

This kind of blazer looks good almost with everything. However, if you want to be on women’s blazers 2024 trend, use the trendy colors for the year. Wide leg pants, tapered pants, midi dress, mini skirt, girlfriend jeans, flare pants, skinny jeans, skinny pants, bike shorts, floral dress, dress shirt, ripped boyfriend jeans, monochrome outfit, turtleneck, V-neck sweater, these are all you can try with double-breasted blazers.

Top 20 Popular Blazers for Women 2021 (Photos +Videos)

Cutout Blazer in Trend of 2024

Blazers with cutouts are also in trend of ladies blazers 2024. A gentle cutout on back, makes the blazer original on its own way. You can try this outfit with opened-back top or topless, with skinny jeans or pants. For the very original look, choose the colors like black or white.

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Top 20 Popular Blazers for Women 2021 (Photos +Videos)

Sleeveless cutout blazers are also in trend for the next year. This type of blazer can be perfectly worn during warm Spring / Summer season. Taking the trendy bright colors specifically for the season will complete the style.

Long Blazer Jackets for Women in 2024’s Trend

Your perfect look during Autumn will ensure the long blazer jacket. You will look stunning with shorts, jeans, t-shirts, or skinny dress.

Top 20 Popular Blazers for Women 2021 (Photos +Videos)


Unstructured Blazer in the Blazers for Women 2024 List

This flowy fabric flapped blazer looks very feminine and cute. This will suit with any kind of top, especially with bralettes, lace or slip top, and skinny jeans or skirt.

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One Button Blazer in 2024 Women’s Blazers List

In blazers for women 2024 you can find the kind of blazers that have only one button. Wear this for solid but relaxed look. One button blazer perfectly goes with skinny jeans, pants, skirts or dress, curved-neck sweater or t-shirt.

Top 20 Popular Blazers for Women 2021 (Photos +Videos)

Belted Blazer in 2020-2024’s Trend

The hottest trend for 2020 is still in fashion 2024. The belts with big accessory or the fabric belt do perfectly go with the trend. You can wear this with the same color and texture pants to get a nice monochrome look. The blazer will perfectly match with jeans as well.

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Top 20 Popular Blazers for Women 2021 (Photos +Videos)

Plaid Blazer, the Hottest Trend in 2024

Looking for a fashionable look for your office outfit? The plaid blazers are very suitable for the work. Wear it with skinny white shirt, classic pants, skinny skirt or girlfriend jeans.

Top 20 Popular Blazers for Women 2021 (Photos +Videos)

Crepe Blazer in Blazers for Women 2024 List

Made from the thin fabric the crepe blazer is perfect in cool summer evenings. This jacket leaves an elegant look to the one who wears it.

Top 20 Popular Blazers for Women 2021 (Photos +Videos)

Deep Lapel Blazer 2024 Fashion for Women

The blazer without buttons and deep cut, the must-have blazer in your wardrobe.

Top 20 Popular Blazers for Women 2021 (Photos +Videos)

Sailor-Styled Blazer in 2024’s Fashion List

This jacket’s design is different from other blazers. If you’d like to take out from the crowd order this outstanding blazer and use it for going to the date.

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Top 20 Popular Blazers for Women 2021 (Photos +Videos)

Bolero-Styled Blazer for Evening Party Look 2024

These Blazers are shorter than other type of blazers and are perfectly suitable for the evening parties. To complete your look, wear skinny pants, V-neck sweater, or skinny dress and golden chained necklace.

Top 20 Popular Blazers for Women 2021 (Photos +Videos)

Denim Blazer in Women’s Blazer 2024 Checklist

These blazers are more suitable for your casual look. You can wear this type of blazer absolutely with anything.

Top 20 Popular Blazers for Women 2021 (Photos +Videos)

Asymmetric Blazer for Fashionistas in 2024

Asymmetries look original and artistic in every sphere. Fashion designers also get inspired from asymmetry. This is a sharp-designed blazer and looking very original especially if worn with some colored and textured pants. The black is the color for asymmetric blazers.

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Top 20 Popular Blazers for Women 2021 (Photos +Videos)

Lace Blazer in Fashion of Blazers for Women 2024

Made of lace fabric, this blazer gives women a very feminine look. For the perfect stylish outfit, wear the skinny skirt with same color and texture. Could be nice to wear this outfit for evening parties.

Top 20 Popular Blazers for Women 2021 (Photos +Videos)

This was the hottest list of blazers for women 2024.

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