These Geometric Tattoos Redefine What “Masculine” Tattoos Mean

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Trends within the tattoo community continue to come and go—stick-and-poke, portraiture, and line-drawn tattoos have all both risen and fallen in popularity over the past few years, for example. Geometric tattoos, a more developed take on simple line drawings, are one of the latest trends in the ink world, with more and more artists getting requests for them.

So what if you want to get on board with the geometric trend but still want to project a sense of “masculinity” within your piece? We’ve rounded up 30 geometric tattoos that still have a masculine feel to them, so you can get inspiration to create the perfect design for your style.

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Modern Eagle

A contemporary take on a classic, this geometric tattoo centered around an eagle feels masculine but won’t necessarily make you look like the older guys you see buying beer at a gas station.

Edgy Armor

A gladiator helmet can convey a sense of bravery, and the fine lines surrounding this one give it a modern edge.

After Your Own Heart

Hearts are another classic masculine tattoo image, but this line-drawn anatomical heart is the perfect way to play on it in a modern, geometric way.

Power Play

This geometric take on a poker tattoo is a sure bet to be a hit with gamblers.

Forever Classic

What could be more masculine than a Greek or Roman god? This sculpted face is contrasted by a blackout triangle for a twist on classic aesthetics.

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Mix It Up

Geometric tattoos are a way to bring a few different images together, like this ink blending animal skulls, anchors, and spears all into one design.

All About the Details

Something as simple as a triangle, seen here behind an angel, can give a tattoo design a whole new look.

Sharp Artistry

Clean lines are critical, like in this dagger design, to an excellent geometric tattoo.

Solar Power

A sleeve consisting of a repeating pattern of geometric shapes is another way to update a favorite type of masculine tattoo design.

Ruler of the Deep

Nautical themes are consistently popular in the world of masculine tattoos. This trident is a great example.

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Stunning Skull

This design combines skull motifs with the repeating-pattern sleeve for a unique look.

Circular Serpent

Snakes will always project a rugged, masculine vibe, but this snake shown eating itself can comment on that type of attitude.

Go with the Flow

Another take on the nautical theme, this masculine tattoo design features line-drawn waves and geometric shapes.

Artistic Warrior

Instead of being drawn in, this warrior figure is made up of geometric shapes. You can do something similar with any type of figure. The wolves don’t hurt for an extra dose of masculinity, either.

Minimalist Magic

A traditionally masculine animal like a horse can project power with a simple line tattoo, proving you don’t need a full illustration to make an impact.

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Tough Beauty

Daggers and roses, rendered in a more geometric tattoo style, are still a favorite for projecting masculinity.

World Traveler

A compass design is the perfect geometric tattoo for those that like to explore.

Blackwork Bracelet

Rather than a wraparound tattoo of barbed wire, try an armband comprising geometric shapes, as shown here.

Spooky and Whimsical

Another twist on a skull geometric tattoo design, the circle of juggled heads creates a truly unique look.

Three Musketeers

Swords are another go-to option for a masculine look, with these three forming a circle shape. This design could be especially great if each sword represents something to you, be it values, loved ones, or something else.

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Solstice Standout

The sunbursts on this geometric blackwork sleeve will highlight your penchant for conquering the outdoors in summer and all year round.

Founded in Love

A simple heart surrounded by a more intricate geometric pattern can make a big statement.

Cutting Edge

Like the other sharp objects on our list, the razor blade can be a symbol of toughness, especially in a precise geometric tattoo design.

Geometric Getaway

Travel and exploration are the main themes in this pair of geometric tattoos.

Man’s Best Friend

Similar to the tribute tattoo, getting a former pet inked will always be a symbol of sensitive masculinity.

Dormant No Longer

Not a classically masculine tattoo style, this volcano gives off a sense of power with its strong geometric shapes.

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