The Best Fashion Tips For Women Over 60

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There are fashion tips that women who are 60 years old and up can follow, in order to look and feel their best. According to model Jacky O’Shaughnessy, “Every age has its advantages and its challenges. Accept where you are now. Not tomorrow or 10 pounds from now or once you’ve done this or that. Now.” The model — who went viral in 2014, after modeling lingerie for American Apparel at the age of 62 — told Women Fitness, “Love yourself. It’s the springboard to everything else.” Similarly, Christie Brinkley, a 67-year-old model, said in Elle, “I wish that women wouldn’t feel the pressure to look a certain way. I wish that they would place the emphasis on feeling great. When you feel great, you emanate a certain energy that translates as beautiful. I don’t care if you have the standard beauty or not. It’s that X-factor that comes through, and the basis of that is good health.”

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That being said, looking great and feeling great are definitely connected.

Invest in classic basics

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Every wardrobe should include some go-to, high-quality basics, which can be added into any and every outfit. For this age group in particular, that includes neutral short- and long-sleeve shirts, which can be worn on their own or under other garments, and some tailored black pants, as stated by Budget Fashionista. A classic black pant can be dressed down with a casual top and shoe or up with, say, a silky blouse and a low heel.

Starts at 60 goes on to suggest adding some good-fitting jeans, a structured coat, and a little black dress to your closet, as these are three items that can be worn over and over. In addition, there are some suggested staple accessories. A quality bag allows you to carry your belongings in a stylish way, while scarves can add a pop of color to your looks, as well as some warmth during the colder months.

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Highlight your assets

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The clothing items a person buys may come from a favorite store, feature a flattering color, and/or be made up of comfortable materials. When choosing which pieces to wear, 60+ women should also be focusing on highlighting their assets.

“A lot of the women I dress have a certain area of their body that they don’t feel as confident of. If you’re going to be more conservative with one part of your body, then you need to compensate by highlighting another area. Have a leg moment if you don’t want to draw attention to your shoulders,” stylist Andrew Gelwicks told Town & Country.

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The Budget Fashionista echoed this message by coming out and saying that if someone is gifted up top, then they can definitely go ahead and show some cleavage! There is a line to not cross, of course — no one wants to look like they are trying too hard or showing too much. But displaying our best features can help us look and feel even more confident.

Don’t be afraid to try something new

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Fashion is a wonderful way to boost self-esteem and put personalities on display, but unfortunately, this industry has long been accused of being ageist. A report from SunLife found that 78% of respondents over the age of 50 in Britain felt they were not accurately represented in various public media, and that 56% felt this most from the fashion industry. While new designs and trends may be shown off on young, thin models, that does not mean that designs and trends can’t be worn and rocked by people of all types, including mature women.

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“I think there’s no reason why they can’t be a little daring and try something new,” stylist Negar Ali Kline told Town & Country. “Whether that be a print or a new color, I don’t think there should be limitations.” So while you have basics and outfits that show off your best features, along with items from your favorite stores and in your favorite colors, do not be scared of branching out, experimenting, and creating new looks.

Dress in what you know works on you

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When it comes to fashion, we hear new rules and trends every day, ranging from who should wear what and what not to wear when. There are certain dress codes for places and certain expectations to keep in mind, but overall, you should just focus on one rule: Dress how you want to dress.

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For instance, Budget Fashionista points out that Rita Moreno (who will turn 90 this year) has been spotted in hot pink dresses and wearing big and bold jewelry — and there is nothing wrong with that. Is everyone going to be a fan? No, but the same is true when it comes to, say, what Gigi Hadid wears.

A person should look back at all of their favorite fashion moments, and they should find ways to wear these ensembles and these specific pieces now, in everyday life. By doing so, they will look and feel great, which is the sign of a successful outfit at any age.

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