20 Star Tattoos That Put a Modern Spin on the Classic Design

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Stars are a popular design choice for tattoos, as they can be inked in any style or any size, and suit any placement. They can also represent a number of things, including fame, freedom, light, and ambition. On the other hand, a star can just be a star—when you look up into space, there’s a whole galaxy of inspiration. No matter why you’re considering getting a star tattoo, let these 20 pieces of ink be your inspiration for your newest design.

Cluster of Stars Tattoo

A cluster of stars focused in one area will create a beautiful arrangement that pops. Make an even larger statement by inking each tattoo in a different style.

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Elongated Star Tattoo

Stars have five points—or, if inked in starburst form, five extending lines—that can be elongated however you want. Try inking the middle lines on either side to mimic the look of an armband.

Hidden Star Tattoo

Try placing a few stars in an unexpected or intimate area of your body. This means they’ll be hidden or unseen until you’re ready to make them visible.

Different-Sized Star Tattoo

By placing a few basic stars next to each other, you maximize the statement they make. By varying the sizes and keeping them outline only, however, you can keep them looking minimal

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Star Sign Tattoo

If you’re into astrology, why not incorporate that into your star tattoo design? To keep the tattoo cohesive, ink both in the same style, like this simple sketch-like design.

Smoke Swirl Star Tattoo

Rather than creating a cluster of stars in a circle, try creating a different shape—like a smoke swirl. Enhance the feel of a whole night sky with a moon and varied star sizes.

Geometric Star Tattoo

Add a geometric styling to a star tattoo by connecting the points with internal lines. The effect is similar to what you’d see if you drew a quick star by hand, rather than taking the time to draw out all five points—but with crisper lines.

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Shooting Star Scene Tattoo

Instead of choosing the traditional star design, consider a shooting star. This tattoo imagines a whole scene around the star, but it is no doubt the focal point of the piece.

White-Centered Star Tattoo

Mimic the brightness of stars and their heat by getting a star tattoo inked in white. This also makes the design feel daintier, as the white ink makes it seem as if it’s barely there.

Constellation Tattoo

For those who are into their star sign, emphasize the “star” aspect by getting the constellation itself inked. Add dot detailing and a planet or two around the stars to make the tattoo look as though it’s a part of space, rather than just making it a constellation.

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Foot Star Tattoo

A foot tattoo is the ultimate hidden tat. You can easily cover the design up with a sock or shoe whenever you don’t want it to be visible, but it will really pop when it’s out to be seen.

Connected Star Tattoo

There are many constellations in the sky that don’t make up a star sign, so consider a connected star tattoo in an area that is often hard to design around. This piece of ink fits on the inner wrist and top of the thumb—a strangely-shaped area that a constellation tattoo can easily be fit into.

Spread-Out Star Tattoo

While a cluster is the default choice for a star tattoo arrangement, spreading the stars out can create the same sense of space. Keep the star designs varied and utilize other colors, like white, to give the stars the impression of being a small part of a larger galaxy.

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Gradient Detailing Star Tattoo

If you’re not into getting a fully filled-in star but want something a bit more than an outline-only design, try using shading near the points to create a gradient effect. Placing it on a spot between the top and bottom of the finger will make it pop while allowing it to be slightly hidden as well.

Galaxy Star Tattoo

If you’re considering getting a cluster of stars tattooed, take into account that the design can stretch in any direction you’d like. Here, the stars climb up the back and onto the neck to create their own individual galaxy on the skin.

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Shooting Star Tattoo

What’s more exciting than a shooting star? Even with its minimal design, this tattoo’s elongated lines make the star element shine and look like it’s in motion—helping it really pop.

Minimal Star Tattoo

A star is made up of a few lines, and the fewer the lines, the less it may look right. However, this extremely minimal tattoo uses four simple lines and dot detailing to make the basic shapes come to life as a star.

Faux Thick-Lined Star Tattoo

If you like the look of bold stars but don’t want to use heavy blackwork or vivid colors, ink them with a faux thick outline. These stars mimic the look of a heavy outline by creating a smaller star within the larger star, but it manages to stay light by forgoing the black ink.

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Freckle-Like Star Tattoo

For the lovers of the ultra-minimal, rather than getting a cluster of stars inked, it may make more sense to spread out a bunch of super-small stars. Here, the stars are so small they almost look like freckles (also due in part to the red ink).

Colorful Star Tattoo

To add some whimsy to a simple star design, fill the starbursts in with color, but keep the thin outlines in black ink. This will keep the stars looking more mosaic-like than cartoony.

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