19 Meaningful Mother-Daughter Tattoo Ideas

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For some people, there’s nothing stronger than the mother-daughter bond. Although you may occasionally get on each other’s nerves and sometimes butt heads, there’s always an underlying layer of love. Any tattoo that you get with your mother (or daughter) will automatically be meaningful, but sometimes you want to do just a bit more to really show off that love. After all, a tattoo will last forever—just like your bond—so you want to be sure it’s perfect. If you’re looking for inspiration for your mother-daughter ink, here are 19 ideas for permanently commemorating your connection.

Face Tattoo

For the ultimate mother-daughter tattoo, get one another’s likeness inked. Choose a fun and chic style that you both love, like these line art portraits, for a tat that won’t age.

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Rose Tattoo

As a symbol of love, rose tattoos are a great choice for a mother-daughter design. To play up the natural beauty, go for simple lines and lots of negative space.

Support Tattoo

For mother-daughter bonds that are based on love and support, why not get a tattoo that recognizes that? This rainbow ink is for allyship, but you could customize it to whatever is important to you both.

Simple Heart Tattoo

Sometimes the simplest tattoos have the most impact. These two are simple little hearts—the classic symbol for love—that get the point across easily and beautifully.

Astrology Tattoo

Sometimes having different zodiac signs is the best thing for a mother-daughter pair. If it worked out for you, why not commemorate it by getting each other’s tattooed along with a symbol that connects you, like the lotus flower here?

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Number Tattoo

Growing up with someone means growing to love some of the same things. If you and your mom (or you and your daughter) share an affinity for a certain number or word, that could be a good tattoo idea.

“Mother” and “Daughter” Tattoo

Sometimes it’s better to keep your tattoo design sweet and simple, like this colorful flower design. The stems spell out “mother” and “daughter,” making the meaning clear, and the vibrant hues add personality.

Tarot Tattoo

For mothers and daughters who share a love of tarot, getting a card that’s meaningful to you both is a great way to translate your love and passion. Don’t feel pressured to get the same one, though—for a personal touch, get each other’s pick.

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Fingerprint Tattoo

No two fingerprints are the same, and no two mother-daughter pairs are either. Celebrate your relationship’s uniqueness and love by getting fingerprint tattoos—if they’re in the shape of a heart, even better.

Behind the Ear Tattoo

Behind the ear is a great location for mother-daughter tattoos, since it allows both people to choose when to make it visible. To add a personal touch to each piece of ink, try getting them in different colors.

Word Tattoo

Getting a word or phrase that’s meaningful to the pair of you is a good way to guarantee your tattoo will be relevant forever. Placing it somewhere you can easily see it, like the wrist, means you’ll never forget it.

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Moon Tattoo

If you share a love of a specific symbol, like the moon, why not get it tattooed? This one has two parts each with its own look, representing two separate people. However, the two oriented next to each other brings a sense of togetherness.

Birth Stone Tattoo

Commemorate each other’s lives by getting your birth years tattooed. This pair personalized them with their birthstone colors and florals, but you can do whatever works for you—from sticking with simple numbers to adding something you both love.

Elephants Tattoo

Elephants represent many traits that make for a solid mother-daughter relationship—such as wisdom, loyalty, attachment, and love. The young animals also hold on to their mother’s tail for guidance, which could symbolize growth and support.

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Initials Heart Tattoo

A heart is the traditional symbol of love, but sometimes its commonality can make it feel less personal. Customize your tattoos by adding your initials into each other’s ink.

Wrist Initial Tattoo

A fun way to commemorate being one of many siblings is to get your mother’s first initial on your wrist, and vice versa. If you have the same initial, like this pair, you could get the number sibling you are tatted next to it.

Holding Hands Tattoo

Holding hands is a classic symbol of any kind of relationship, and for some people, their mother’s hand is the first they hold. If you’re still someone who reaches for your mother’s hand, that gesture makes for a beautiful and meaningful tattoo.

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Customized Tattoo

Don’t feel compelled to get the exact same tattoo, or even the same style, for your mother-daughter tattoos. Instead, use the same base design but customize it however you both individually want.

Wrist Tattoo

Wrist tattoos are a perfect placement idea for mother-daughter tattoos due to their visibility—you’ll see it every day.

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